Foundational Knowledge
What we know about medical practices: their challenges, goals, and concerns
Part 1: Fundamentals of a Medical Practice
Understand the basics of a medical practice—get into their mindset and empathize with their pain points.
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Part 2: Practice Profitability
Learn how to talk the talk by gaining a sufficient handle on what’s important to practices and their bottom line.
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Part 3: ROI vs. TCO
Break down the ROI vs. TCO vs. TCC terminology and learn when to use each term appropriately.
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athena Foundation
How we talk about delivering our differentiated value today
Part 4: Asserting Value
Take a deeper dive into the way we speak about our value to prospects/customers today.
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New athena Framework
How we’ll talk about our new value framework in the future
Part 5: New Value Framework
Learn how we will deliver our value story in the future, in detail.
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Part 6: Command of the Message
Apply the new value messaging framework in our skills and traits training.
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