I’m a doctor,

Not an IT specialist

Meet the EHR that actually lets doctors be doctors.
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Practices with our streamlined EHR experience see:


of documentation delegated to clinical staff


decrease in post-visit documentation rate


faster encounters

Test drive the EHR
that lets doctors be doctors

See what it’s like to document with the KLAS #1 EHR for Usability

Easy-to-read summary puts the patient front and center

Take in the patient's story at a glance. So you can discuss what matters.

Designed to let you do your best work

Be present for your patient. Smart workflow delegation keeps you focused on the exam.

Adjustable flowsheet controls

Follow the story of a patient's problem over time. Center on key time periods.

Customized notes that save you time

Document your encounters your way. Write and save your notes about typical encounters and diagnoses.

Ordering made easy

Add diagnoses and orders during the patient encounter. Everything flows into a cart for you to review at the end.

Connect with your patients
not the screen

You didn’t go into medicine to treat computers.

“Works well for the physician
and the patient.”

Sally Ginsburg, MD

The #1 medical app
Embedded in our EHR

Quickly check Epocrates drug monographs right in the moments of care.
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