Strategy 1:
Seize opportunities to cut costs
Free up finances by choosing software-as-a-service solutions, finding vendors to manage business tasks on your behalf, and leasing expensive equipment instead of buying.
Strategy 2:
Get more patients in the door
Use sophisticated appointment confirmation events to send appointment reminders and detailed instructions. Be smart about schedule organization by confirming that the correct appointment type has been booked. Analyze no-show trends to safely schedule multiple patients for the same time slot.
Strategy 3:
Boost physicians’ productivity
Let providers delegate administrative tasks, so your care team isn’t bogged down with unnecessary distractions. Make access to patient information easy and affordable, and untether providers from their computers by enabling work on mobile technology.
Strategy 4:
Collect everything you’re owed
Review patients’ accounts ahead of appointments to determine the best way to handle collection attempts. Engage and negotiate with payers, and stop denials before they happen with error-free claims. Finally, make value-based care a priority by incorporating technology solutions that are always up-to-date.

We have over 296k interfaces, including pharmacies, labs, and imaging centers
More portal adopters return for a visit within 18 months: 80% vs. 67% of non-portal adopters
With our Billing Engine, 94% of claims are favorably adjudicated on the first submission attempt

We all win when the network grows

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