Does your EHR have to be such an attention hog?
With our intuitive EHR, you’ll save yourself valuable time while keeping your attention on what really matters.
Practices with our EHR see a 20% reduction in post-visit documentation
We processed over 1,200 clinical documents per provider per month in 2016
With athena’s EHR, nearly three out of four encounters are closed the same day
Designed to let you do your best work
Be present for your patient. Smart workflow delegation keeps you focused on the exam.
Customized notes that save you time
Document your encounters your way. Write and save your notes about typical encounters and diagnoses.
Easy-to-read summary puts the patient front and center
Take in the patient's story at a glance. So you can discuss what matters.
Ordering made easy
Add diagnoses and orders during the patient encounter. Everything flows into a cart for you to review at the end.
Adjustable flowsheet controls
Follow the story of a patient's problem over time. Center on key time periods.
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Capturing information, not attention
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We'll free you up to focus on what matters.
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