Get compensation for qualified leads

You could earn $200 for each practice that attends an Initial Meeting with athenahealth and up to $3,000 for every physician who signs a contract with athenahealth.*

How can athenaIntroductions help you?

More data means better insights: The athenahealth network—now 100,000+ providers—gets smarter with every practice that joins driving better results for all customers.

How can athenaIntroductions help your colleagues?

When you introduce us, colleagues can also enjoy improved quality of life and better work/life balance, less busy work, and more time to focus on their patients, along with help getting paid for their work.

How can athenaIntroductions help healthcare work as it should?

Our network connects practices, hospitals, labs, imaging centers, and more to let information flow more easily, and helps providers gain access to the information they need to deliver high-quality care.

We all win when the network grows

Introduce us to a practice and help your colleagues enjoy the benefits of a partnership with athenahealth: more time to focus on what they love—and our help with the rest.
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